A Grifter, is somebody who can influence anybody, anywhere, at anytime, into doing whatever they choose to have them do, that will result in the grifter's personal gain. Usually monetary, but really anything that benefits him or her somehow.

It's absolutely NOT all of these technical things that puts this person in a specific box or particular "genre" of criminal. This person can literally become anyone or anything they want to. Not nessecarily sociopathic, but I'm sure it helps to be dead inside. Learning other people and how they react to any given situation is a must, because that is the core of what a grifter is: a student of human behavior. And once they have that mastered, the world is their playground.

Con artist, scam artist, Only a real grifter will leave a person thinking that they achieved exactly what they wanted to get out of whatever endeavor was initiated by the grifter. I read other definitions and people said things like "they don't have a home of their own and they move around from place to place"... I'm sure this CAN be true, in some circumstances. But again,
You cannot pigeonhole a real grifter. They can be whoever they want to be, and that includes a person who has a normal life,
In their own home. Someone has been watching way too many movies, and the stylized depiction of a "professional" con artist, is way way too romantic for what happens in the real world. Grifter's are operators that are on the highest level of running the con game on people.
This guy wasn't your run of the mill con man. He was a grifter, running game on everybody in the room, and having the luxury of being able to pick and choose who his next mark would be. He picked that woman like he was picking low hanging fruit from a tree, and when it was all over, his pockets were full, hers were empty, and they both had smiles on their faces. You were out of your depth the moment you walked into the room and he spotted you and sized you up in all of 5 seconds.
by Fothermucker June 26, 2018
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(n): a grifter is an expert in illicit acquisition of goods or services through various methods of over confident flim-flammery and fast talking.
The girl failed to grift an upgrade from the cell phone insurance company when she broke her original phone.

Why dont you try being a gifter instead of a grifter, you sonnuvabitch!
by revned911 November 14, 2011
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Elon Musk is a grifter who manipulates markets.
by BobSolo May 17, 2021
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Another word for a woman who lies about her age and if she is pregnant just so a rich dumb person can marry them.
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A word that breadtube leftists use to describe people they don’t like.
Vaush: Wow, Charlie Kirk is such a grifter, right, chat? Chat? He is, right? Can someone check that? He is? Ok yeah he is.
by Street Louis September 8, 2021
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Many people in San Francisco are grifters.

definition and example are from the book The Mission by Jason Myers.
by anonymouskt December 26, 2009
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A grifter is a disgusting human, waste of oxygen, that comes out of the "woodworks" right before someone is dieing, kisses ass, does whatever it takes to ensure he/she gets that inharitance. Makes themselves look good, nice, when infact they're sitting back with a sinical laugh knowing the evil work they're doing. Most commonly is a family member that before has never wanted anything to do with the person they're kissing ass to gain from. Watch out for anyone who cares for your loved ones as well. They're sneaker piece of shit grifters.
That family member is a grifter .

She's just waiting for him to die so she can get his estate.
by warmachine78 April 17, 2016
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