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1. (MRA/androsphere sense) A Matrix reference to the Morpheus quote "the wool that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth ... that you are a slave" which for redpillers means becoming alert to an unknownand harsh truth, which in their case means that males (rather than women) are the marginalized class, whilst society is gynocentric. The antonym are bluepilled people who are metaphorically plugged into the dreamworld rather than on the Nebuchadnezzar hovership
2. (incelosphere sense) Believing that men are disadvantaged in the dating scene due to female hypergamy, lopsided SMV of the sexes and prejudice against minority/ethnic, ugly or genetically-inept males. To rectify this asymmetrical situation some redpillers go through methods such as self-improvement.

Redpillers of both senses refer to the feminism, MSM (mainstream media), platitudes and cliches as "the blue pill" and as such, part of the semi-real dreamworld and simulated computerworld.
Are you redpilled or bluepilled?
by invert cattso February 04, 2019
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A reference to the matrix used in politics.

"You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.

You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes."

Usually means that a Liberal has become more right winged.
Person 1: "Omg, Jennifer told me that she no longer feels she is Gender Queer!"
Person 2: "Perhaps she is now Red Pilled."
by TrippleT69 November 08, 2017
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enlightened; aware of the nature of the universe. Is a reference to The Matrix (blue pill or red pill)
"Wow, our philosophy professor is red pilled."
by Sheut January 31, 2014
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When a liberal/leftist starts caring more about facts & statistics than of his/her own feelings.

Originally a reference from the movie "Matrix"
Andrew: Hey, is it just me or has Mary become a lot less less liberal during the last couple of months?
Albert: I've noticed it too. It might be because she stopped watching CNN and started getting red pilled by FOX news instead.
Andrew: Hmm, good for her.
by Proud_Deplorable November 11, 2017
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The process of becoming radicalized by fringe 'men-rights' and 'incel' communities online which believe their god-given access to vaginas is being stymied by feminist politicians. The deep irony that this phrase originated from a movie written and directed by two transgender women about a man breaking out of his false reality and into his true identity - only to be co-opted by misogynistic adult virgins chanting 'Transgender is a mental disorder' appears to be completely lost on them.
Mitch: Did you hear about Brian? He's been Red Pilled, so he's fucking retarded now.
Gary: That's a shame. What's really crazy is how his alpha male posturing makes him look even more silly and insecure than before.


Sandra: "I used to think Brian was sensitive and sweet, but I see now that he's just incapable of emotional intimacy. He's become a real asshole after being Red Pilled."
Lisa: He identifies as being 'Red Pilled'? What fucking loser."
by Dr_Scientist_ November 19, 2018
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