dicks cocks penis jack likes em all,

no matter the size he'll swallow them balls.

being is gay is his name,
sucking cocks is his game.

Eating balls and cock is Jack,
Being gay and lesbian is his knack.
He loves to suck dildos,
One time he f* an armadillo.

He eats dick like he eats cheese,
he makes other men get on their knees.
the bend over and start sucking his d,
and then he screams with glee.

he whips it out,
men scream and shout.
he looks so mean,
you start to cream.

he looks over and sees jesus,
which makes him start to go crazy.
he lifts his cock,
and sets his clock.
with a small shot
he wank it out

Jack loves dick,
He gives them a good lick.
likes men and gives them a fuck,

Oh how he loves to do this with his duck.

He has sex with an animal
Eating dicks makes him a cannibal
After sex jack becomes blue,
Be careful he might rape you

he lights it ablaze
and starts to rave
then he whips out the razor

and starts to shave

Shaving is the last thing he does
Just because,
Jack is retarded
Some say that he farted

jacks 6 foot train
will enter your station and put you in pain
and as you depart you start to fart
which leads to a massive shart

as he starts to have sex
he begins to get wet
at sight of his pet
while he is at the vet

Murphy rhymes with fuck me
As he jacked off he exasperated in glee
Jack loves look at klee
He yells aloud my dick is the key
Jack Murphy (n.) a total douchbag, no one likes him, he stinks, hes so skinny u can see his goddamn ribs
by sssssssssssssssssssora December 4, 2021
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Jack Murphy is the kind of guy that says he will chin wag your mum, but all he does is play with cocks on his ranch. He thinks he owns the place, but all he owns is a Mitsubishi triton.
Jack Murphy can take a hydraulic suck on a big fury testicle sack...
Go fuck yourself Murphy.
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An absolute dickhead, bullys kids with tourettes and hands out detentions when he feels bullied.
e.g. fuckwit1 "Hey bro, why u down?"

fuckwit2 "I have Jack Murphy as a teacher"

fuckwit1 " You want some mental support bro?"
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Genuine, but a douche. no one really likes a Jack Murphy but people know who he is. A Jack Murphy is kind of nerdy kid. He has a small group of nerdy friends. The popular kids hate him but her doesn’t care.
Wow look at Jack Murphy he is so ugly.
by qwertsquirt February 25, 2019
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I love you Jack Murphy is the most amazing man alive. He is extremely attractive, great in bed, tender lover, attentive. Makes me feel like the luckiest woman alive to share my life with him. Has a very particular way of thinking when it comes to life and love. Has the best taste in music. He is smart, funny. Very adaptable, meshes with everyone unless you make him mad. Could have any girl he wants but he chose me. All any woman could ask for and more.
by Gloria Wiltfong December 28, 2016
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