Simply want to know more about sb you barely know merely out of curiosity. It does not necessarily mean you are attracted to/ interested in sb.
S: Henry, you have a crush on Carol?
H: No! I am just curious.
by Cheeky boy January 7, 2013
When a person is either homo-sexual, hetero-sexual, or bi-sexual and begins to have second thoughts about any sexuality at all. The end result is a-sexuality, but the intermediary time period in which they are experimenting with a-sexuality is a state of "a-curiosity".
Sarita: Why does your gimp (figurative gimp, not literal) not like men or woman?
Marci: I've wondered that too, but I have come to a conclusion on this. We used to believe Ali (my figurative gimp) was homo-sexual, since he spent too much time with men. But through extensive questioning I have determined that his mind is changing. He is experimenting with... err, nothing! He finds intercourse with any sex unsatisfying. Therefore, he is A-Curious.
Sarita: *cries of laughter*
by Marci Marci (ohaisarita) October 5, 2010
Eager to learn. It's commonly used to talk about precocious kids or kittens.

No, not those kittens. The real kind.
I'm curious about what you're cooking for dinner.

Last night your mom was curious about sex with me. (Oops, I guess it can describe "those other" kittens, too.)
by aieeeeee November 21, 2008
Ummmm, such an interesting word (curious that is). This word can be used in many areas of the English language; here are some examples for people who have the imagination of a small cat (below). Consider the word curious to only be used for intellectual purposes…in other words, chav’s please don’t attempt to use this. I can safely assure you that curiosity is one of the best things ever, in fact I am curious…curious into finding the reason why… feel free to think of the next bit, interesting you should find it.

“Curious I be”, Yoda speaking after falling through a duck

“Curious-ity killed the cat…..” have you ever thought about the 12 tonne antelope on
its head??

Person 1 “You are a curious person
by Ryan Crossland January 4, 2007
A new perfume featuring the face of the ever-talentless Britney Spears. Pops up in personal emails and other unwanted places. Guarantees oneself to smell of twat and other nasties.
"I smell just like Britney!", Harry screamed excitedly, as he guzzled down a bottle of Curious
by Gay Sebastian May 5, 2005
Someone who is unsure about their sexuality And suspects they might be bisexual. They can also suspect having another sexuality (that is not necessarily bisexuality) but because they are unsure still, they can still be part of this definition. Being bi-curious is mostly being open about considering your sexuality! Most of the people who classify as bi-curious are/want to experiment to discover what they like.
“I think I might be bisexual, but I’m not too sure... for now I guess I am bi-curious! I hope I find myself soon🙂”
by Addy writes August 4, 2020
a girl that is bisexual that is leaning towards becoming a full on lesbian
Elizabeth doesn't know if she likes boys anymore so she's always talking to girls. She thinks boys are hurtful but isn't ready to let go because society wants her to be with a boy although she loves to be with girls which makes her think if she should fully be a lesbian...she is therefore lesbian curious.
by Kriss ow ow ow August 9, 2010