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A country which has a complicated political structure which is based on bilingualism; where the same political ideology can be represented by two different parties according to the language.
There are 2 liberal parties in Belgium: Dutch speaking "Open VLD" and French speaking "Mouvement Reformiste".
by Les aveux du garcon August 20, 2014
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Home of the waffle, historic castles, and beer that is often voted best on Earth.
Belgium has a better war record than France
by King Andrew July 11, 2003
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A country in north western Europe, specifically designed as somewhere Britain, France and Germany can settle their differences every generation or so.
Belgium was host to the following international tournaments:Waterloo, World War 1, and World War 2 to name the best known examples, also a current home of the EU government
by Libreg January 19, 2011
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A small country in Europe located between France, Germany and Netherlands. World famous for Belgian chocolate, waffles, great beer, DJs and ridiculously hot chicks.
Yo homes, let's go euro hopping. First stop? BELGIUM, mo'focka!!
by doss_bruan January 13, 2006
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Belgium is a great country with nice people. In case you didn't know how many Nobel Peace Winners were Belgian. I case you didn't know that some of the best food was from Belgium. And in case you didn't know how many famous people were from Belgium. I would give examples but I'm not. Now leave me in peace for my bowl of Fries.
Belgium beats all the Countries.
by MasterK. October 14, 2007
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european nation above france that makes better french fries and has random fry stands on the sides of the country roads. gave germany a shitload of trouble in ww1 especially for how small it was and also makes nutella
american; yo i love french fries
belgiuman; yea but they gotta be called belgian fries cause ours kick ass
by hibachi April 10, 2007
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