Medicine used by women or men who believe they have retained water weight. Causes urination amounts to increase. Water weight is typically regained when patient stops using the diuretic. Common over-the-counter forms include Diurex and beverages with caffeine and alcohol.
On my period, but not in pain. Just bloated. Time for diuretics.
by spammax June 22, 2010
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drinks that cause you to pee more frequently then others. prodominitly used for drug detox

diuretics include: beer, pepsie, golden seal, cranberry juice.
by donnie right May 29, 2008
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A supplement of some form that is meant to expel excess water from the body. Most commonly used as a form of weight loss supplement, to get rid of water weight. Has a caffeine effect and makes you urinate like crazy.
I took diuretics to lose weight and I had to piss about five times in the past hour.
by helloitsme567 June 28, 2009
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When your butt explodes diarrhoea for no apparent reason, it just is
Whoa I had a a super charged diuretic butt tonight and I don’t have anything left inside me
by Dr True Love October 1, 2022
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