A woman breasts - specifically when referring to the type, style, size or quirkiness of her breasts. Usually used in a positive way to define "the girls" in question.
Her boobage was such that it couldn't be tamed even with an industrial strength Fredrick's of Hollywood bra.
What little boobage she had was choice.
My boobage is just going to rebel against the buttons on this blouse!
by JoCobs March 2, 2010
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The noticeable presence of breasts. Could be because of the size, exposed cleavage or large number of noticeable breasts in a particular place.
The truth is, of course that all boobs rule, (well, not man-boobs); be they big, small, fake or strangely shaped. The world would be a better place if all girls embraced their boobage. Set them free ladies. Set them free.
Jake: Man, check out the boobage on the dancefloor!
Jimmy: Dude, I've been staring since we got here!
Jake: Boooooobs...
by benjiboy January 27, 2005
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1.) when cleavage is showing
2.) when the boobs bounce up and down
You've got some major boobage showing in this picture!!
by Stalker November 19, 2003
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The showing off of breasts, exsessive amount of boob showing.
That movie had a shit load of boobage!
by Rachel April 16, 2004
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a reference to the volume, bounce, and cleavage of a set of breasts
Denise lacked the proper boobage for that dress.

Nancy's boobage is the very finest I've ever seen.
by Jake February 3, 2004
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n. Slang term for cleavage. Refers to volume of breasts.
She lacked the proper boobage for that dress.
by Kate April 1, 2002
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the bounce of th bosom where

or bounce equals mass times velocity plus volume
what a high boobage factor!

vy tank yew doctair
by unholyregret April 16, 2007
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