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In New Zealand, a small amount ($20 worth) of weed wrapped in tin-foil for easy selling to small-time druggies.
"Where's the nearest tinny house? I need to buy some green!!"
by Alex March 12, 2005
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Term for cans of beer or cider used amongst UK seshheads , tinnies are vital to every sesh .
Lets have a big huge fucking bag of tinnies with the lads after exams
by Nokia God May 13, 2017
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Australian, n , cans; tins of beer.
Hundereds of empty tinnies littered the floor of my house.
by herbie August 31, 2004
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a bowl made out of aluminium foil, mostly used to smoke weed out of
dude quick we need a tinny make one quick
by poor man bowl, October 11, 2008
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Aluminium can usu. containing 375mL of sweet, sweet amber fluid.

see also stubbie, grenade
Greg managed to down his tinny in under 2 seconds.
by Nathan March 28, 2004
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