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n. One of the 5 boroughs that make up the city of Toronto. A vast wasteland of run-down homes, dilapidated factories, and strip clubs. Rightly known as ghettobicoke.
The Jane and Finch area's pretty run-down, but Etobicoke is a close second.
by Keyshaw July 15, 2005
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Short for Remy Martin, an expensive Cognac liquer, often referred fondly to by various rappers.
When I guzzle Remy, I do shit on purpose - you NEVER hear me say 'forgive me'.
by Keyshaw May 3, 2004
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Stone Cold Steve Austin turned heel after joining forces with Mr. McMahon.
by Keyshaw May 12, 2004
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(n) a set or large breasts, such that they fill out a woman's shirt nicely.
Man, that heet sure has a shirtfull! I want to shoot a load right on those puppies!
by Keyshaw September 15, 2004
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Because the correct spelling, Avril Lavigne, is one of the Forbidden Definitions, everyone uses this spelling to post their love of Avril.
by Keyshaw December 31, 2005
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n. A low-ranking employee who is made to do the bidding of their superiors. So-called because they are often running around doing various small tasks.
I have no job security. I'm just a gopher!
by Keyshaw April 13, 2005
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