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A racist term, derived by the word "chink", to describe anyone of Eastern Asian descent (i.e. Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc.). Not a "cool" term since it has been used against us in a negative fashion for centuries in the United States.
by SMJKim January 14, 2004
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While not really as racist as it derogatory counterpart chink, it is, while not as explicit, describing the eyes of those of East Asian descent (aka China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, etc.). The word usually doesn't have the same racial effect when used by two Asians, as opposed to the exchange of someone of another race (i.e: Caucasian-Asian, African American-Asian, Hispanic-Asian, etc.).
Kevin (Filipino): Hey Chanel, pose for the camera!
Chanel (Laotian): -smiles with eyes open-
Kevin: Open your eyes! Oh nevermind, you're jes' chinky.
Chanel: -laughs- Hahah, shut up!

Eric (Caucasian): Sup, chinky face, wanna get a quickie?
Kimberly (Japanese-American): -smacks Eric- Racist demon!
by ERIAIZZLE May 09, 2006
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A term that describes a Chinese house burglary for a lot of money
Damm malo why you bleed the chinky so hard you really in the field
by Drakeo October 22, 2017
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