To jiggle means to do something that you enjoy, but you do with complete confidence. Some even say that need to have a certain amount of rizz to really jiggle something.
Example 1:

"How's it going, bro?" – "I'm good, bro. I just jiggled the bench press today." – "Damn, keep on jiggling bro!"

Example 2:

"Ayo bro, wanna jiggle some Fortnite after school?" – "Sure, let me jiggle my homework first and I'll be online at 2pm."
by CWeb365 August 1, 2023
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To leave a place, synonymous with bounce
This party is lame. Let's jiggle.
by Da jiggler June 8, 2011
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1. To shake
2. To wobble
by Anonymous February 13, 2003
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Commonly used when referring to a girl shaking her ass...She is shaking it so she is jiggling it
Just look at that ass jiggle.
Please jiggle that for me.
by R1cky November 3, 2005
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To open a lock without a key(requires some knoledge depending on the lock) The movement of large breasts, ass or other body part.
Yo g-keep six while i jiggle the lock!
Dude 1: Ah shit i knew it man its locked! Dude 2 : Move up let me jiggle us in!
Yo yo yo lookit lookit lookit her jiggle , dammmnnnn!
by <<Corps>> April 2, 2006
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To shake violently; move in a way that wobbles the subject
The large cat jiggled into the next room
by phatjiggler July 30, 2020
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(adj) Indicates that the following noun or verb refers to a performance or display of physical sexuality, often in a cheesy or coy manner so as to pass television or movie censorship; for instance, jiggle show, jiggle act. Exciting body parts are stirred, swayed, flapped and shaken, but not revealed.
"MTV must be desperate -- for the last half hour I've seen nothing but jiggle clips."
by anarcissie May 2, 2008
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