Sex Party

The #1 answer to all the questions.
John: Hey, what did we do in class yesterday?
Brasil: SP.
John: Bitch! Don't lie to me!
by BrasilStyle April 24, 2009
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after a word you just type and you're not sure of the spelling, just put (sp?); means the spelling of the word is probably wrong.

EXAMPLE: This exmple (sp?) sucks. NOTICE how I spelled "Example" wrong.
by Steve May 8, 2003
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Short for "Starting Price". Originally a gambling term for the odds that would pay-out on horse races. In modern usage it is a generic term used when one wishes to receive a clear and concise response. Similar to an "executive summary". Used in the UK in the same way as "bottom line" in the USA.
Reg: What's the SP on that Richard of yours?
Johnny; Judy? Fine no problem.
by ALT-F4 November 24, 2012
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An abbreviation of a Romanian word ''sugi pula'' (read as sooj poola) which means ''suck my dick''
Person 1: Hey nice T-shirt!
Person 2: Thank you, actually it's a second-hand T-shirt.
Person 1: I know, you're too poor for more than that.
Person 2: SP !
by Lawrd August 1, 2013
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Short for Standard Practice. Often used as a reply by an individual to another who has told a story or described what they have recently done which is deemed as "standard practice". Is often used sarcastically.
John- " I was wasted last night"
Paul- "SP"
by LarryB1234 July 19, 2010
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A hybrid molecular orbital containing a carbon-carbon triple bond. Linear.
by H. Tim Smith December 12, 2003
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Standard Pressure; 760 torr, 14.7 psi, etc.
Charles' Law works as long as the setup remains at SP.
by Zig April 3, 2003
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