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A main refers to when a video game has multiple characters/weapons/profile to choose from and a gamer has chosen a particular character he specializes with, usually for online play.

Mains are chosen usually as their game play characteristics caters to the style of play of the gamer. Although some mains are chose out of media popularity of the character despite their inherit weaknesses (ex. Cloud Strife in Dissidia, Link in Soul Calibur, etc.).

Noobs often main characters which they can spam (repeatedly use the same move over and over with relative success in gameplay)
After playing Super Smash Bros. for a few weeks and going through Fox, Sonic, Marth, and Bowser, i have decided just to make Link my main because i think he has some extreme potential.

That noob mains Automatic because you can spam the a button and still manage 3000+ points.
by The hardest button to button February 05, 2010
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noun, what a man calls a woman that is his #1 girl, as apposed to the other females he may have.
Yeah man I can let my main find out about her because it's going to be a lot of trouble if she does!
by spmack November 11, 2003
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A word many teenage girls use on social media. The word mains is a reference to their 'main' friends.
Girl on facebook : Mains Tagged
by fldmouse February 14, 2015
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1. the most important
2. a favorite girlfriend or boyfriend
3. a best friend, usually a dude, as in "my main man".
4. ebonics for "man"
5. main vein, the vein used to inject heroin, see also main lining
1. "if you're going to snort it, you might as well pop it, and if you're going to shoot it, you might as well main it" (from basketball diaries by jim carroll)
2. "that's my main girl"
by hels bels July 19, 2006
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You're best Buddie . It's like a buddy that you will always trust , always did , and always with . Its has to be a boy / Men because thats the meaning . Sort Of , Homie
PLaanss For 2morrow ? ; CheeL w| Thee mainss
by Deannie November 16, 2009
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Used im place of the word "man / homie / homeboy" in a greeting or genreal phrase.
What up main!!! I figured you wouldnt understand main, your kinda stupid.
by Suburban Swerv April 02, 2007
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totally, really, very - signifies an excess of something
"Aye, she looked main upset. Thought she wiz gonna start greeting or something"

"Aw, I've got the main munchies - lets go to the cafe bar and get some fat munch."

"HE was main goin' on about you all night. He totally want to get in by!"
by anna apple October 12, 2003
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