the most amazing comedy show on this earth! a spoof educational show, in which the presenters give misinformation, for example, 'who composed the song, happy birthday?' "James bond"
by ~bLiSs~ February 21, 2005
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The way a bully looks around at people around him/her after making a mean joke to make sure that other people are sharing in the "humor." The bully is always laughing or grinning while doing the bully look-around so he/she can both get a buzz from sharing a laugh with someone else against the target of the bullying and to clue others in that the mean joke was supposed to be funny and that they should also laugh. If no one else shares in the "humor", and the bully receives criticism instead of shared laughter, the bully quickly takes the feedback and immediately begins to play the part of the "Schrodinger's asshole", pretending that the mean joke wasn't really that mean and that it was more of a joke than it really was and they didn't really mean it and that everyone else is taking it all too seriously and being meaner to the bully than he/she was to the original target of his/her meanness.
Katie: Oh, my gawd, Marissa! You just spilled that glass of water, and it looks like you've wet yourself! (Does the bully look-around while giggling obnoxiously, checking that others are appreciating her "joke")
Gina: Cut it out, Katie. It's not that funny. Geez.
Katie: (becoming a Schrodinger's Asshole) You people don't know how to take a joke. How come you have to jump on every little thing I say? Geez, yourself!
Marissa: Can someone hand me a towel?
by dictionaryenchantress June 26, 2020
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“life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around, you could miss it” - Ferris Bueller

Basically means to enjoy life and do want you wanna do, don’t let anyone stop u from living life to the fullest.
parent: make sure you go to school everyday and become successful. If I see you on your phone your grounded, study!

Kid: no, I want to have some fun and enjoy life, just like what Ferris Bueller said

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around, you could miss it.
by champagnebaby November 20, 2019
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in an awkward or uncomfortable situation, said to relieve tension. often said by someone who is socially anxious
'dies my ex best friend is here looks around'
by archietelf November 19, 2021
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