Short range wepon usually found in offices
he attack me with the stapler
by Leon9 July 20, 2004
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if your boss comes in to your office and you have your stapler....
by apoi December 19, 2009
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clingy bitches at woodport
this stapler (steph) wouldnt leave me alone when i getting crunk at woodport
by Jason Attard1 May 28, 2012
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Code word used amongst theater people in the Dallas, Texas area to identify stalkers. Primarily used with regards to jaded ex-lovers, unwanted crushes, and other such undesirables who refuse to cease contact. However, the term is also lovingly used in jest from time to time. Term originated in early 2011 from an unfortunate iPhone auto-correct incident.
"I totally just got a text from my stapler!"
"My stapler has resorted to late night drunken phone calls."
"You were fantastic! I'm your number one stapler."
by jennriffic September 30, 2011
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When having sex you put the girls legs above your head and stick your dick into her mouth and start humping
He started to stapler her
by Jeff5362874 October 7, 2020
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when you staple someone's balls to their forehead.
you so gay, ima give you a stapler
by Devin Shingsley July 13, 2006
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A tool used for shooting someone with small pieces of metal. To make this look unsuspicious, many children will use it to connect papers together. A sure way to annoy your teacher
Earlier today, a teacher handed out tests to all of her students. Moments later, an ambulance was called because of mulitple metal staples shot into the teacher's back from staplers found sitting in empty desks. No children were found.
by HalloweenShadow September 7, 2005
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