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A person with a set of lips that resemble a vacuum cleaner.
A cocksucker that can attach thier lips to a dick with the force
of shop vac.
A woman who can cause instant ejaculation just by placing her
ample lips around a cock.
I just got the blowjob of a lifetime from hoover lips.
by jsd9632 March 27, 2012
A sarcastic response given to others when informed of a trajedy to persons that you have no connection to.
Chick: "Hey, did you hear? A train derailed killing lots of people in India."
Dude: "Really, tell me more."
Chick: "Well, the news said some people survived."
Dude: "Crying shame."
by jsd9632 December 31, 2013
An expression used to define the level of force needed to complete a violent action.
Often accompanied by the phrase in your ass.
Often seen as a bumper sticker on Dodge trucks.
by jsd9632 January 20, 2012
An expletive used to express dismay when you are in mixed or polite company.
A substitute for "oh shit!" or "fuck me!"
by jsd9632 May 29, 2011
Is Spanish for lick or to lick. Generally used as a derogatory description of a boot or ass licker.

A company man.
A student who brown noses the teacher.
A dick licker.
A butt licker.
You want a promotion? Go Lambe the boss for a while, you'll get it.
by jsd9632 May 29, 2011
Something sometimes said by accident when a young male is visiting the home of a friend and is attracted to the host's mother.
Something said in jest when the host's mother is less than attractive.
Teenage boy: "Dude! Your mom's hot!"
Other teen boy: "Dude! That's my mom!"
Teenage boy: "Yeah dude! And she's still hot!"
Another teen boy: "She's momalicious!"
by jsd9632 January 31, 2012
In the movies when a bad person sacrifices himself to save others it is said that he has purchased his ticket to heaven.

The last minute self sacrifice to protect an innocent from an untimely death with no hesitation or concern for your own well being is to earn a ticket to heaven.
The bad guy took a bullet to save the girl thus buying his ticket to heaven.
by jsd9632 February 13, 2012