getting yelled at;
in trouble for;
taking the blame
I was getting ass for being the only person to read the assignment for homework
by frikkkinikki September 22, 2009
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to hook up or get action....usually a one time thing.
Do you wanna get ass with debbie....?

She doesn't have feeling for him....she just used him for ass.
by heyhey96 April 15, 2011
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Phrase referring to getting any type of action, normally taking place at a party/large gathering.

Usually meaning to give or receive in the form of a kiss, either as a sign of love, sexual desire, admiration, or greeting.
Almost always casual, but some hope that it will eventually lead to something more serious.
Reb: God T, tonight was too good... That party was too whack....Did you get ass?
Tori: Ah unfortunately no ass tonight. But I heard Shane is having a pretty intense party tomorrow. Gonna try to get some ass there.
Reb: That's smart, There should be a lot of potential ass there.
by T13R January 5, 2017
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When you skip class for some ass....pretty self explanatory.
Eg. (Cut class to get ass)

DeMarcus: Look it's Myles he's skipping again
TJ: That boy Myles always cuts class for some ass, i bet he's goin to "see" Mrs.Rain
DeMarcus: You mean the hot MILF Mrs. Ra-- Oh shit he's comin our way
TJ: YEAAAAHH that one...... MY NIGGA *proceeds to dap Myles up*
by Bagsツ July 20, 2019
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A person who is self celibate who never can obtain sexual encounters with the opposite sex (some cases) same sex.
Mike: bro you smash Tonya last night at that dorm party?
Chris: nah bro, I respect her and wouldn't dare violate her in such manner, plus I think she seeing
Mike: MAN you a no pussy getting ass nigga.
by vstacks September 19, 2014
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Verb: A phrase which means when you get your hands on someone, followed by what you're going to do to hurt them.
Prize Fighting Champion: "I'll tell you what, big guy. When I get that ass, I'm going to tear it up with my bare hands so thoroughly, nobody will be able to tell whether you were a human or a pile of food."
by Gohan Barracuda August 23, 2018
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similar to getting shit canned, to 'get the ass' is to get fired from your job
Michael: Peter if you dont get your shit together you are going to get the ass

Peter: you think they would really fire me over a few million of missing stock?
by dufix July 10, 2008
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