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A word used to refer to Lesbians. Originally meant to be a slur, it has been "reclaimed" by many Lesbians who might use it to identify themselves of other Lesbians. It is considered rude to use the word "Dyke" unless you self-identify as one.

A type of water-stopping dam.
The dyke has a leak, the river will burst through!
by bisxual Yankee geek June 21, 2003
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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What you say if you wanna get punched by a lesbian
Homoephobe: Hey dyke
Lezbo: *punches*
by anti-homophobe December 05, 2010
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noun, Derogitory term used to refer to a lesbian; commonly towards a lesbian with more masculine physical characteristics/mannerisms; Offensive to many people.
That woman is a dyke.
by Matty N March 30, 2004
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Although originally a derogatory term for lesbians, it is now often used with pride by lesbians themselves, especially the younger and hipper lesbian crowd. Some lesbians (especially older or super-sensitive ones) still object to the term, but it is becoming increasingly common and mainsteam (at least within the gay community), with events such as "Dyke Nights" or "Dyke Marches" being held around the country. In fact some dykes resent being called a lesbian, as they feel it is much less cool than being called a dyke.

Note: Dyke with a "y" is a lesbian. Dike with an "i" is for damming water.
Example: Hey, Amanda, are you going to the Pride March this weekend?

Hell ya! And I am definitely not missing the Dyke March. Sarah and her girlfriend are riding in the Dykes on Bikes contigent.
by portland dyke April 27, 2006
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dyke (note on the origin of the word)
1931, Amer.Eng., probably shortening of morphadike, dialectal garbling of hermaphrodite, but bulldyker "engage in lesbian activities" is attested from 1921, and a source from 1896 lists dyke as slang for "the vulva."
(from Online Etymology Dictionary, ยฉ 2010 Douglas Harper)
"Who's the dyke in the cowboy boots?" (Rude and derogatory.) (Source: Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions by Richard A. Spears.Fourth Edition. ยฉ 2007. Published by McGraw Hill).
by Les Good August 29, 2012
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a lesbian.
a term that lesbians use in gay circles.
It is a popular wordbreeder misconception that all dykes are butch.
by gum shield May 29, 2003
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