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Being frustrated at something spoken by Donald Trump
Did you hear what Donald Trump said about women? I was just so trumpstrated by it!
by jquebby September 30, 2016
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a Rand Paul temper tantrum brought on by anyone who dares to point out Paul’s flip-flops and ideological inconsistencies
Man, I was interviewing Rand Paul on his positions on nuclear arms in Iran and he threw a huge Randtrum at me.
by jquebby April 08, 2015
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the result of throwing a fit, especially if it has a religious connotation to it.
Don't be all in my face because I don't believe, bro. You don't have to get all santantrum with me!
by jquebby January 05, 2012
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on google on online media like Facebook, if you turn off your "Online" button that shows you are on line, you are invisible to everyone for a chat.
"Yeah, I was stalking around on Facebook yesterday but had to invisibilize so nobody'd chat me up."
by jquebby February 01, 2013
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VHC = Very High Crack, as in butt crack. Wearing ones pants to low, and weighing enough to push the waist of ones pants down so that the crack emerges above the wasit of a shirtless man.
We were walking through the bar and some of the shirtless guys had serious vhc goin' on.
by jquebby January 23, 2011
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