Vertical hood piercing- a type of vaginal piercing that is meant to cause a woman great pleasure. (NOT A CLIT PIERCING, those are very dangerous since they can restrict vaginal blood flow.)
Experienced piecers can make a VHC virtually painless, less so than an ear piercing even! If done wrong this piercing can damage the body instead of bring pleasure.

"Oh, Jack, the new piercer definitely fixed my VHC! This feels amazing!" *wild sex*
by S... March 5, 2015
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VHC = Very High Crack, as in butt crack. Wearing ones pants to low, and weighing enough to push the waist of ones pants down so that the crack emerges above the wasit of a shirtless man.
We were walking through the bar and some of the shirtless guys had serious vhc goin' on.
by jquebby January 23, 2011
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