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Pertaining to radioactive isotopes. Generaly in reference to materials the public cannot touch.
by S.M. August 15, 2003
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Something George W. Bush can't pronounce. It's not "Noo-kyoo-ler". What a fucking shit-for-brains.
George W. Bush: "Nuculer weapons"
by TiG October 11, 2003
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Anything that compares to the extremity of a nuclear explosion or power produced from nuclear energy. Anything that is desribed as being nuclear, the awesomeness level or epicness is at the max.! Nothing is more awesome or intense. An idea invented that would create great results would be considered nuclear!
Anything that compares to being epic! That song played at the party was nuclear! It got the whole place popping! That movie was nuclear, not one person could stop laughing!
by JNFishFromStaunton540 October 24, 2010
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Pronunciation : new-kleer (former) , new-kyoo-lihr (future, perhaps current)

*Of, relating to, or forming a nucleus.
*Of, or relatin, atomic nuclei.
*Using or derived from the energy of atomic nuclei; atomic.

*A class of weapons, usually bombs and missiles, contents usually atomic or hydrogen.
*Any type of weapon, usually bomb or missile, be it atomic or hydrogen, that is derived off of atomic energy.
"America's MOAB is the anti nuclear bomb."
by Dave April 16, 2004
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A word that, despite his best attempts at pronouncing, eludes the grasp of George Dubya at every turn.
They have nucula- er, I mean nucu- uh... Ahh, the hell with it.

*goes in a corner and cries because he can't say Nuclear, the poor bastard idiot*
by A. Webb August 09, 2006
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an adverb similar in meaning to "hot" when used to describe particularly attractive women.
That bitch is nuclear.
by pony_trekker August 18, 2004
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