To be caught unware. Suprised. Modifiers include "down around the ankles".
Jim was financially overextended, his job layoff caught him with his pant down.
by Rich Lather July 9, 2005
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The penalty for losing a game of 8-ball (standard pool) without potting a single ball is to walk around the table with one's pants down (or skirt up), according to official pub rules. This counts for any loss, including accidental sinking of the eight ball.
1: You suck at pool; I beat you pants down.
by Aspirex November 13, 2005
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The words of a horny Asuka.
From the LAS fanfiction "Scar Tissue"
by Anonymous2023617 September 12, 2023
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Old fashioned humor that is corny but still gets a laugh as in the Vaudeville skits when a man's pants drop.
That skit was so pants down.
by Bob B.. December 7, 2007
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a phrase used to describe something especially shocking and/or awesome, a more extreme version of 'hands-down'.
Sally"That boy over there yonder in hands-down gorgeous"

Vicky"That may be true, but that man over there a ways is pants-down gorgeous"
Sally"Ooohh your right. Hands-down will not cut it when you have pants-down"
by CarolinaMasFine July 20, 2010
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the result of getting beat 5-0 or more at Fifa
if getting beat 5-0 at Fifa have to play the rest of the game with your pants down therefore you have been pants downed!
by shinoda01 April 19, 2011
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Used to substitute the age old saying "hands down".
Pants down that was the best church service i have been to yet!
by Mamadank December 17, 2008
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