That giant blue thing above your head dumbass
The sky is really pretty today.
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The occasionally blue thing above your head that can't be touched no matter how hard you try.
Me: "Damn. Missed it again..."

by admiralcrunch January 3, 2009
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Who DAHECC names their daughter after that blue thing surrounding us all everyday?
Who's the sussy baka above that claims the sky is blue? Did he/she/they/it gone outside in the past 10 years at all?! The sky is pretty much perma-grey nowadays.
by EpicScientician November 15, 2021
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Sky is one of the loveliest people you will ever meet. She is beautiful in every way possible she has a great sense of humour is absolutely amazing and adorable. She is very cute with an attitude that will give you goosebumps. She’s very sporty and sweet. She has beautiful brown eyes and hair. She is a great athlete and very competitive but that doesn’t reflect on her everyday character she is amazing in every way.
Boy 1: who is she? She is amazing

Boy 2: that’s sky she IS amazing in every way!!!
by Sktskt May 26, 2019
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If there is a Sky in your class than you are very lucky. Sky is your perfect Girlfriend, and she will love you unconditionally. If you see that she smiles when she hears your name or turns around to smile at you than she obviously has a crush on you. Sky is sweet and responsible, she is a strong leader but she might be very shy at the start. Once you get to know her you will fall in love with her immediately , she is an amazing person. She is very passionate in music and is very intelligent. If you know a Sky try to get to know her and talk to her, you will be your best friend. She is loyal and very respectful. Sky is one in a million !!
Sky is beautiful
by Luna__Shadow March 8, 2020
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the most amazing girl you can ever meet. She's nice, funny, undeniable, and caring. A great lover and friend. will put a smile in your face and make you laugh until you pee.
”Sky is the most amazing girl i have ever met, i'll take a bullet for her”
by Anonymous ~ October 31, 2010
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A really HOTT guy who loves music and doesnt show his feelings. Sweet cute guy that is too clueless to see that a girl does like him
Thats Sky hes soo HOTT
by GirlDatLikesHIm May 20, 2009
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