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A skinny little white guy with a overblown inferiority complex who for some strange reason known only to psychology experts thinks the Caucasian race is superior to every other. Being on average of a height between 5"7 and 5"9, and weighing in at around 145-160lb these dumb fucks will gladly (and foolishly) take on any 6"2" Islander one on one, only to end up in the ER within 15 minutes pissing blood from every orifice.
Those white supremacists are dumbasses! They go on about how the white race is both physically and intellectually superior to every other, then they take on some black guy twice their size and prove otherwise.
by johnnylongprong April 04, 2009

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an affectionate term for the Australian hard rock band, AC/DC.
Acca Dacca is the greatest Aussie band of all time, no doubt about it.
by johnnylongprong January 26, 2009

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The mouth of a compulsive liar, as to imply that nothing but shit comes out of it.
Shut your face anus, Bob.
by johnnylongprong April 11, 2012

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The aftermath of an extensive sodomy session when the anus becomes so loose it's like having sex with a bowl of porridge.
Ah, ah I'm a plate of porridge
by johnnylongprong January 14, 2011

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A session of sexual intercourse where one or both parties are performing flat out.
Last night I was going for gold with that chick I hooked up with the other night.
by johnnylongprong January 10, 2012

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What you'd say when describing your birthday.
Next week will be the 30th anniversary of my uterus eviction.
by johnnylongprong October 30, 2011

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An extremely dangerous philosophy exploited by misfit individuals with severe inferiority complexes to compensate for their shriveled-up genitalia. Currently competing with organized religion in the race to spread intolerance and progressively destroy the world.
Screw nationalism, all it does it stir shit and start wars.
by johnnylongprong April 03, 2009

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