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Kid: Oi look at bloody git o'er there.
Kid #2: Blimey, he's having a go at those plum puddings!
Kid: What a Dudley...
Kid #2: Indeed...
Kid: Quite...
by theboywhopeed February 13, 2012
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Very intelligent beings, Awesome, down to earth, weird but cool. Good taste in music, sexy, very unique, and honest. They're also playful,and funny as hell. Not to mention random and calm.
Dude, your like a dudley. Fucking awesome and radical man.
by nolip February 24, 2010
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Large industrial town in the middle of England, about half an hour's drive from Birmingham. Widely regarded as a bit of a shithole, though it actually has a rich & noble history. You can blame Merry Hill for the shitness, or 'Merry Hell' as it is known locally.

Call someone from Dudley a Brummie, and you likely won't live to tell the tale.
A southerner: Are you a Brummie?
Dudley native: No, I'm from Dudley.
A southerner: Oh, from Dudlayyy!
Dudley native: ...we don't even talk like that?
by a Dudley boy December 30, 2012
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A Word In Replace Of Dude Usually Given To A Close Male Friend
"Sup Dudley" Said Reese "Sup Broseph" Said Michael
by Tokyo_Assassin November 13, 2016
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1. Term synonymous with penis or dick.
2. Mentally challenged person
3. Stupid or foolish man
1. He kicked me right in the dudley.
2. He isn't very smart, as he is kind of a dudley.
3. I hate that guy; he is such a dudley.
by Joe42069 July 18, 2016
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