music removed

the process of removing the background music of a music video to determine whether or not the band would sound good at a live performance.

often only used in kpop.
dude. wondergirls sound like shit with mr.

hey. snsd still sounds pretty good with mr.
by a.n.o.n.y.m.o.u.s... November 12, 2011
MR, in terms of online FPS games, means maxrounds. So basically mr determines how many rounds you will play.
1st Guy: mr? (maxrounds)
2nd Guy: 15

Meaning they will play 15 rounds
by FaiLisOP March 17, 2009
midship engine rear drive
mr is stands for midship engine rear drive not for mister.
by jUsTiN July 23, 2003
how sweet of you!
you know you didnt have to don't you

please do me a favour and rest now, mr stern brow. ♡
by Otto Matič March 3, 2020
A common saying on for "mental reality."
"Man, i can't believe they finally unlocked mr, lets go post random bullshit in peace again!!!"
by tankabito October 26, 2006
The ultimate goal of some women who enroll in college; that is, to find a suitable husband.
"She's only here to get her MRS degree."
by Gholdiggah December 29, 2005