music removed

the process of removing the background music of a music video to determine whether or not the band would sound good at a live performance.

often only used in kpop.
dude. wondergirls sound like shit with mr.

hey. snsd still sounds pretty good with mr.
by a.n.o.n.y.m.o.u.s... November 11, 2011
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MR, in terms of online FPS games, means maxrounds. So basically mr determines how many rounds you will play.
1st Guy: mr? (maxrounds)
2nd Guy: 15

Meaning they will play 15 rounds
by FaiLisOP March 17, 2009
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midship engine rear drive
mr is stands for midship engine rear drive not for mister.
by jUsTiN July 23, 2003
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A common saying on for "mental reality."
"Man, i can't believe they finally unlocked mr, lets go post random bullshit in peace again!!!"
by tankabito October 26, 2006
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The ultimate goal of some women who enroll in college; that is, to find a suitable husband.
"She's only here to get her MRS degree."
by Gholdiggah December 28, 2004
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That is so MR dude. He's totally MR.
by bp December 16, 2004
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