Ohio's first and finest university since 1804. Also known as Harvard of the Hocking. Located in the quaint southeast Ohio city of Athens, OU is home of the Bobcats and best known for its reputation as a party school (ranked as high as #2 party school nationwide by Princeton Review). Its best-known parties include Halloween, Palmer Fest, Five Fest, Mom's Weekend and the Time Change Riots, among others. Uptown Athens is home to Court Street, which boasts 18 bars within a two-block radius. Home of the Marching 110. Despites its party rep, OU is strong academically as well, with Journalism, Sports Administration, Osteopathic Medicine and Engineering being its strongest programs. Famous OU alumni include Mike Schmidt, Matt Lauer, Gary Trent, Arsenio Hall, Piper Perabo, Peter King, Ed O'Neil and McGuyver.
I wish I still went to Ohio University.

Get high at The CI on the campus of Ohio University.

Ohio University was the first school established in the Midwest, as well as the nation's 9th public university.
by Bobcat11 July 18, 2008
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Perhaps the only outcropping of enlightened intelligence in Southeastern Ohio, Ohio University is a state school capable of giving students of the hard sciences a better education than Ohio State University. However, its soft sciences are filled with students whose primary priorities consist of filling up on delicious malt beverages. It is the only place in Southeastern Ohio where a Jewish or Moslem person won't have to hide their identity. Known for a Halloween party that shuts down a large portion of the town and causes massive arrests of out-of-town Ohio State students.
No, that's Ohio University. Not Ohio State. It's down and to the right on your map. Yeah, your daughter got arrested there.
by Who, me? August 17, 2003
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A school in Southeastern, Ohio known better for partying than studying. Holds the largest Halloween party in the U.S. annually. Also the creator of the Number festivals (currently approaching 6fest) which was copied by rival Miami U. Has one of the best journalism schools in the mid-west. OU is a laid-back liberal campus where you don't have to wear a button-down shirt and plaid shorts everywhere you walk (like at Miami).
Ohio University is a drinking school with a football problem
by MC17 July 22, 2008
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Oldest college west of the Allegheny mountains, estd. 1804 a year after Ohio was founded. Where most of the average suburban white kids goto college who couldn't get into a better school...

Case Western, Miami Univ, Oberlin, Kenyon, Michigan, Indiana
Ohio U... isn't that one of the biggest party schools?
by RedHawk1809 April 12, 2005
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A public university in Athens, Ohio, OU is a huge party school where the only things to do are party or study because, again, it's in Athens, Ohio. Unfortunately for its reputation, most people choose the former if given a choice. Although obviously not true of absolutely every student, the majority of its students are only there because they couldn't get into the academically superior Ohio State University or Miami University.
Why did Ohio University have to cancel its reenactment of the story of Christmas? It couldn't find three wise men and a virgin
by iLikeSoup May 8, 2010
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A small GDI University lying in the shadows of the far superior Fratmosphere know as Miami University. Ohio University tends to be extremely overpopulated with multiple occurrences of douchebaggery through and around its liberal campus.
Students tend to have an array of American Eagle, Abercrombie and the dreaded Hollister apparel, typically strutting in cargo shorts that would inevitably make a Fratdaddy/Sorostitute's head explode. Usually referred to as "O U Didn't Get Into Miami" students flock to the University in an effort to consume plenty of libations while studying a weak curriculum preparing to work for some CEO who most likely attended Miami University, UVA, Johns Hopkins, Georgia, or Clemson.
Delusional of the schools reputation, students pride themselves in a once a year Halloween party that is seemingly disappearing from the radar, leaving OU off the map for any claim to fame they may have once had.
I was once amazed at the lack of frattabbing at Ohio University.
by Tom Selleck1 September 3, 2007
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This is a school not really known for its academics, but it's parties. It's most known for #fest (number fest), HallOUween, Mill fest, Palmer fest, and many others. Most students come here when they can't make it into Ohio state because it's too expensive or they aren't smart enough. Some people when they can't make it into OU go to Hocking College. OU is ironically nicknamed "Harvard on the Hocking". This is the most hippie, liberal school I've ever seen. Weed and red solo cups lie everywhere. But hey it does have a beautiful campus. #athensohio
"Did you make it into Ohio State University? "
"No, but I'll be going to Ohio University which is ranked one of the biggest party schools in the nation"
by Ohohio May 7, 2017
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