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High heeled boots that sexy but not as high, pointy, or sugguestive as "Fuck Me Boots". They fall between "Fuck Me Boots" and "Leave me alone Boots" often worn by construction workers and lesbians.
Kevin: Amy has her ask me out boots on again, she looks hot today.

David: Yeah, they are hot but nothing like Mandie's fuck me boots.
by jamison313 November 29, 2007
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A male who is married and possibly has children but acts like a flaming queen. He may be in denial or in the closet or just overly effeminate.
Person 1: What! Christopher Lowell is Married?
Person 2: Yeah, he is a flaming heterosexual.
by jamison313 May 04, 2006
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When you don't know if something is still being used so you take it away and see if anybody screams.
Carrie: Do you know if anyone even uses this network folder anymore?

Scot: No fucking clue, I'll give it a scream test. DELETE

Matt: (the next day): WTF happened to my porn folder!
by jamison313 January 10, 2008
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1. Repeated infidelity to the point that the person shows no regard for their marriage.

2. A crude slang term for the breasts of a woman without good discretion.
1. She cheated on him again? Man, she really believes in the skanktity of marriage.

2. Person A: What a skank
Person B: Yeah, but did you see her skanktitties?
by jamison313 October 04, 2006
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A update that is so obvious that "duh" is the only possible response. Can be given in person but often comes in email form or on TV.
Mark: (In January in Michigan) it's really cold outside.
David: No shit, thanks for the duhpdate.

CNN Breaking News: Some Americans think Bush is worst president ever.
Mumbling response: Glad I get these duhpdate's from them.

by jamison313 November 29, 2007
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Outsourcing is farming work out to an external entity that can do it cheaper or more effectively. Marital outsourcing is the same concept applied to marital relations. Numerous service providers are able to perform services on demand often more effectively and at a lower "total cost"
David: What was Eliot Spitzer thinking?
Mark: Marital Outsourcing. Better service, lower cost.
David: Lower cost? He spent thousands of dollars!
Mark: You ever calcualate how much us married guys pay on a per event basis?
David: Touche.

by Jamison313 April 17, 2008
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The opposite of equity. The amount you owe on your house in excess of its current market value thanks to the burst of the housing bubble.
Joe: As bad as the economy is here, maybe it is time to move out of state.

Herb: I have 50K in home debtquity, I'll be living in my current house until I die, maybe longer.
by jamison313 March 31, 2009
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