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Fuck Me Boots. Tight fitting, black boots to the knee.
Shit dawg, she got dem FMBs on. Tight bitch
by Watson May 20, 2003
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fuck me boots, the knee high leather boots you see clubgirls wearing all the time.
check out the girl with the fmbs
by serverpimp January 02, 2003
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Shorter way to say fuck me boots.
FOS's are the opposite of this, fuck off slippers.
Look at those FMB's she's wearing.
by MadMatt74 November 17, 2003
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Acronym for Finna Make Bank, a philosophical theory developed in a collective group of young Bay Area thinkers, that emphasizes monetary gain as a indicator of ultimate success, happiness, and overall effect on the world.
"Bruh I just finessed 10 bucks " - Uhnil
"FMB bruh, FMB" - Uhrora
by UhMan August 24, 2017
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Short for "Fuck-me boots" - Tall, tight leather boots on a woman.
See: Prostiboots
"Check out the FMB's on that broad. You know she wants it..."
by Karsten T. February 07, 2009
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Tight, knee length (usually black) boots. Strangely, tight, knee length black boots worn by a minger will never be FMB's.
Jeez look at the FMB's in the kebab queue...
by Flaky_Neutron May 16, 2004
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