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Lowell is a historic mill town in Massachusetts and one of the first industrialized cities in the United States. Many of the old mill buildings have since been converted into lofts.

Since its founding, Lowell has been an ethnically diverse town and that tradition continues to this day. From the Irish fleeing from the potato famine to the Cambodian immigrants of today, a promise of a better life has brought people to Lowell from all around the world to Lowell for almost 200 years.

Lowell sits upon the confluence of the Concord and Merrimack rivers. Along with its many canals and historic downtown, walking tours are an excellent way to get to know the city.

Lowell is rich with local flavor and while often outshined by much larger Boston, is one of the cultural centers of New England with its growing and vibrant art scene. With events such as the Lowell Folk Festival, the Southeast Asian Water Festival, and the many celebrations of Jack Kerouac, Lowell has much to offer anyone choosing to visit and a multifaceted and unique community for those who choose to make it home.
How many Market Baskets are there in Lowell?
by neitherday March 25, 2011
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Sexy, funny, smart, handsome, intoxicating, irresistable and a pain in the ass.
He is exactly what I want in a guy. Why can't everyone be a Lowell
by Colorado Bulldog August 05, 2011
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Homonym for popular internet abbreviation "lol". Typically used ironically by people wishing to express amusement textually but who abhor internet slang. Can be combined with proper names to add to the irony.
" I said, that's not a particle accelerator, that's my wife!"

"Elizabeth Lowell"
by g0dforsaken December 08, 2009
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Lowell is a city in Massachusetts. Lowell is famous for its mills and multiple gang fights. There are about 35 Dunkin' Donuts and only three Dunkin' Donuts employees who speak English. If you go to high school, you go to Lowell High. It is typical for a student of Lowell High School to skip class to go to Arthur's Diner to get a boott mill, which is a breakfast sandwich made up of 99% grease. If you go to the Voke (the Joke), no one cares about you. Typically, if you are white and graduate you most likely end up going to UMass.

Famous author Jack Kerouac was born and raised in Lowell and pretty much everyone pretends to like him even though they never have read "On The Road". Ed McMahon was born there, too.

A lot of the roads downtown are made out of cobblestones, which is really annoying considering everyone drives a Civic. Most of the year the downtown area is full of homeless people until the Lowell Folk Festival comes along and every suburbanite (from Chelmsford, Westford, Andover, etc.) bravely steps into the city.

It is typical for a citizen of Lowell to have witnessed a drug deal, shooting, or arrest atleast ten times throughout the year.
"Welcome to Maaahket Basket, where you get more for your dollah!"- Term everyone in Lowell loves to hear

"Let's go to the packie and then head over to Fort Hill and get wicked hammered!"- Lowell High Student
by we love lowell October 21, 2005
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First of all, i live in lowell massachusetts and you dont see "atleast ten shootings a year" ive lived there for 18 years and havent heard a gun shot. not to say that it doesnt happen on occasion. most people like to get high and drive around on blunt rides and get wasted. its a nice place to live so stop wit all that stereotypical bull.
"lets go get a gram and go smoke"
"lets go to simons and hang out and rev our engines all night" bridge st and the boulevard are spots in lowell that never sleep. You will always see people walking no matter what time of night
by Bildo grenz October 29, 2005
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Lowell is a city full of diversity. They are more cambodians here than the population in the United States. If you are cambodian, viet,loas, or have an asian g/f or b/f you will be at the Water Festival in July.

All asian live off of Westford Street or in the highlands, the white population lives in centralville, christian hill, or belverdere, and the hispanics and black live in the projects of downtown.

There will be some minorities living in the subherbs of lowell if their parents went to college, or made some money owning another asian restraurant.

Lowell hates the town of Dracut that borders them, so we scare them and tell them we will shoot their house down if they cross our border.

We are diverse that we have the rich folk that leave, go to vollege and come home to be lawyers or doctors, and we have the ones that don't graduate highschool, drop out, and get married to have babies.

If your in Lowell, you better start learning about 6 different languages, because no one can just speak one.
If your in downtown Lowell after the highschool gets out, you can see all the wannabe short cambodians on the side of the street trying to get a ride, the few hispanics or blacks that don't drop out of school trying to ride with the cambodians because they don't have a car, and the wannabe white asians riding with the cambodians, or the white folks with beat up 1980 ford focus car they got and packed with 7 heads.
by millcity March 17, 2006
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Lowell massachusetts is a ghetto where if your not either Irish, Italian, Puerto Rican, Cambodian, French, Greek, or any form of project rat or white trash then you dont beling here. Gangstaz rule the city especialy the highlands and The Acre. Cops are crooked, The Asians are crazy, the White kids are as ghetto as they come, and the blacks and hispanics here are fucked either way. In Lowell we dont like gays or people from Dracut and Tewksbury. Thats just the way it is. Because we're wicked scary Motha Fuckas here!
A guide for Lowell visitors
1.Fort hill and near the Daley school are where the partys are at.
2.The Acres where you go to buy a gun to shoot a TRG member from the highlands.
3.Appleton st is where you go on lonely nights (if you know what i mean)
4.Back central projects, scary ass shit goes on there.
by Lowell Irish kid April 13, 2010
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