UO, Ultima Online, one of the first truly successful MMORPGs.
Tim stopped playing You Owe because he could no longer pwn newbs as they stepped outside the guard zone on their first day of playing.
by TaintedMustard September 25, 2004
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It can mean any of these
1)you will a take the person out for a nice meal .
2)you will treat the person nicely in return of a favor that he/she did
I Helped you fix your bike and therefore "you owe me a treat !"
by NO_name February 8, 2012
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To use your mouth on some else’s sex organs to give them pleasure
If you don’t pay me back you owe me head.
by BaddieAshe October 2, 2020
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When two people are in conversation and they say the same thing at the same time..........one person says you owe me a beer!!
Sara:Did you see that?
Kristin: What?
Sara:That man looked like he had a turd on his pants
Kristin and Sara: Thats hot!
Sara:You owe me a beer!!
by babycakes418 November 23, 2007
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It's an English phrase to be used when you want the other person to know that they owe you something after you did something for them, usually either in the form of respect, or a favour.
Josh : Hey man thanks for saving my ass that day.

John : You owe me one for that bruv.
by MetalArachnoid1331 October 28, 2022
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If a friend says to you 'you owe me 50 cents' it means you have had sexual intercouse with someone that they have had sex with in the past.
Bill: I had sex with Sarah on Tuesday
Sam: Oh mate, you owe me 50 cents.
by M.Swagg June 20, 2015
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