538 definitions by james

A person(s)from Maine.
You are such a hick, go back to benb!
by james February 2, 2005
A polite variation of the word "motherfuck" which can be used in front of elderly relatives. Can be suffixed with er e.g. motherducker
by james November 5, 2004
A woman of ill repute, or an insult to a woman to suggest infidelity or bad sexual habits. Derrived from the words slag and maggot by SKC Melbourne, much like the word slamington
Piss off slaggot, we're trying to have a friendly gathering without you slutting it up.
by james November 14, 2003
Combination of slag and maggot, used as an insult to a woman of supposed ill repute or a woman who is careless in her treatment of men.
by james November 15, 2003
The best music fesitval in the world.
Have you got a ticket for Glastonbury?
by james April 19, 2004
"Man, I got dinged yesterday. The decision letter came in a small and thin envelope."
by james December 13, 2003