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Small country with a basketball team that can probably kick the Dream teams asses
lithuania is in europe
by Suge August 17, 2004
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A beautiful, strong-willed country that has miraculously survived the grip of soviet communists, corrupt invaders, and war-monging outsiders for centuries. Has approximately the same population as Toronto and is roughly the size of Ireland. Also the last country in Europe to accept Christianity.
Lithuania has pristine lakes, scented forests, and welcoming people. Lietuva tevyne musu!
by Caius Justinas May 08, 2005
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Lithuania is a small plot of land at the Baltic Sea. The whole west fringe of the country (appr. 100 km) is occupied by the amber coastline with marvelous beaches of white sand. Clean waters of Sesupe, Dubysa, Nevezis and Nemunas flow. Sometimes Lithuania is called the Nemunas land due to the great love Lithuanians have to the river Nemunas.
For the first time Lithuania was mentioned in 1009 in Qedlinburg annals. The Lithuania as a state emerged in early XIIIth century after the union of the main lands. Mindaugas became the Grand Duke of Lithuania at about 1240. At the end of XIVth - and the beginnning of the XV century Lithuania became one of the most powerful states in the Eastern Europe. Almost for the whole two centuries German crusaders invaded the pagan state, though Lithuania was not conquered. Lithuanians fougth bravely for their state and religion. They built castles which are admired even today for their defensive construction. In 1410 united armies of Great Dutchty of Lithunia and Poland inflicted a severe defeat to the Teutonic Knights in defence of their liberty. At the same time the Great Dutchty of Lithuania stood in the way of the attacks of the Mongols-Tatars into the West and helped the Eastern European nations to figth against the Golden Horde. In 1569 the Union of Liublin, sealed the Poland-Lithuania Union into a Commonwealth (Rzecspospolita), while later in the XVIIth century Lithuania became one of its three provinces. After partitioning of the Commmonwealth in 1795, Lithuania was incorporated into Russia. For more than one century Lithuania fought against tsarist oppresion. Only on February 16, 1918 Lithuania proclaimed the act of independence and restoration of statehood. Soon afterwards the independent state of Lithuania was recognized by the largest states of the world and Europe. Lithuania established diplomatic relations with many of them. Only 22 years were allowed for the independent state of Lithuania. In 1940 the Soviet Union occupied Lithuania. The occupants subjugated the nation's liberty and existence. The Lithuania nation fought bravely against the occupants for their independence, although they were outnumbered. The desire for independence was not subdued by the fifty-year occupation. Alongside with dissolution of the Soviet Union, the last colonial empire of the world, on March 11, 1990 Lithuania proclaimed its restoration of statehood. Diplomatic relations were renewed with many of the world's countries The old clock of the Cathedral tower strikes the hours counting the time of freedom. Every morning the sounds of this clock are transmitted by radio. A New day begins. One should mention the Lithuanian scientists, architects and restorers, who returned to life a number of historical and architectural monuments, especialy in the Old Town district of Vilnius - the largest in the Eastern Europe. Lithuania has 14 schools of higher learning and among them the oldest University in the East Europe - the Vilnius University, founded in 1579. Lithuania Language is important for those who study origin of languages. It differs from other modern Indo-European languages for its archaism. A large Centre of Baltic philology is established in Vilnius and the Lithuanian language is taught in many countries of the world.

Lithuania participates in many exibitions all over the world. We try to show what we manufacture and create not only to ourselves but to others as well. Though the best way to feel the lifestyle of Lithuania is to visit it....
That's a little example of Lithuanian language:
1st person: paziurek i ta pupa!!!!!
The other one: apie ja net negalvok - grazios amerikietes vaikinu bijo kaip velnio!!! ;D
by Turk182 May 20, 2004
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Most beautiful part of Eastern Europe; home to some of the world's finest basketball players as well as some of the world's most beautiful women.
The nation with the oldest surviving Indo-European language...Lietuva! Naturally!
by Gediminas December 19, 2003
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Best country ever. Full of beautiful women and beautiful scenery as well as cool mead-loving chaps.
Lithuania is the greatest of the Baltic States.
by Kaunas February 23, 2004
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The country were a 4 year old can beat your ass in basketball. They drink so much that they jump of a bridge..
Wtf how is he so good at basketball,

Ah he is probably from Lithuania
by Ilikepussyonmydick101 February 11, 2020
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