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If you get milkshaked, it means you got tricked...basically...

Its kinda like replacing "tricked"...
Dave: Look over there, a cow!
Simon: Where? I don't see one
Dave: HA milkshaked
by james July 08, 2004
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Our governor used to be able to beat up your governor. bitch.
by james December 31, 2003
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Something one says to an individual enthralled in harrisment.*
*the definition of harrisment can be found on this site.
Origin: mid-urban south-eastern scandinavian
When Viktor, while playing cs, ran into the terrorist base holding a grenade and then proceeded to throw it at a wall directly in front of him, Josh yelled, "Moar?"
by james January 28, 2005
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Mohnk- a combination of moose and tank.
Generally used to describe a situation.
Yo i just mohnked that turn.
Mohnk this Mohnk that.
by james November 28, 2004
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somone who moists out.. i.e. pikes, lazy as well as a bit wet behind the ears.talks in low soft whispers and yet is somewhat hopeful..if only slightly annrebriated.
Youre not coming again? Your'e such a moisty.He's not leaving the house today.He prefers to moist in front of the playstation.
by james January 11, 2004
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a pathetic loser.
some claim that molemen live in the sewers, eat poop and get constantly cheated on them by their overwieght lovers. This description may contain a certain amount of hyperbole.
Importantly, they pass out and get drawn/painted/peed on

see booth
friend 1:"did you see see jeff last night?"
friend 2:"yeah, he passed out and got cocks drawn on his face"
friend 1: "he's such a MOLEMAN
by james November 15, 2003
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Like Scottish football except better.

We can actually play... well some of us.

Liam outlines the majority of what can be said about this unbelievable spectacle. No doubt everyone in Maths during 4th period on a Monday will sit with their eyes glued to the window: albeit by Mrs. Copland for them not writing the notes!

It has more drama than all of those crap Aussie soaps added together and best of all, has the worst goalkeeper in existence... no, not Aberdeen's keeper, but the mighty Timbo. Can't catch a cold. Doesn't recognise a foul. Doesn't understand that a shot which goes in between the posts (which are beautifully constructed with bags and tend to be 2 ft wide), under the (imaginary) crossbar and over the line.. counts as a fecking goal.

Scott likes to whine and cry as he goes out first round every week thanks to dubious penalties awarded by Timbo against him (which happen to be the only penalties awarded by Timbo. Ever.)

Chuchter likes to whine and cry too yet is inaudible as he is an inbred farmer that no-one can make out a word he says so everyone takes it as speech of unimportance and carries on regardless.

Then there's Nick K. Poaching bastard!

Everyone else is fine and have been explained, again by Liam, above.
Monday cuppy has been cancelled for the first time. Ever! This occurs/occured (depends when you're reading this) on the 14th of March 2005. Reason: shitty guidance having S.E. then instead of Friday. Arseholes.
by james March 13, 2005
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