Mediocre, vanilla, or "regular." Nothing different.
I think it's fucking stock, alright? It's stock to my ears! - Lars Ulrich
by Dodger of Zion March 25, 2005
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1) Having an item in your possession that is ready to be sold and/or shipped out to a consumer.

2) A car that has no performance modifications on it. Most street racers who race with American muscle cars or high end European sports cars claim that their "stock" cars will beat any "moded" import from Japan. 99 times out of 100, they are right.
1) Yes, Mr. Smith, that item is in stock. OR Sorry, Mr. Smith, we're out of stock for that item.

2) Little Billy tried racing a stock Geo Metro against a stock Ferrari.
by Matt August 8, 2004
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Verb. To use a stock image as your profile picture on social media. The image could be related to one of your interests, your job, etc., or just be a funny picture.
"Did you see that image Jared used to stock? Hilarious."
by comehomeamerica February 9, 2017
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perfection in a glass. Or any other kind of instrument to measure perfection
damn, I can never ever ever be as stock as that guy. He's super stock
by ediss May 19, 2004
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The epitomy of awesomeness. Can also be interpreted in any way you feel suit.
Jason: Dude let's go play FIFA at johns house after school!

David: Stock! Don't even have to ask dude.
by Joe Lethal June 24, 2009
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(As in to stock a girl) Stick your foot up her sex-hole.
My kinkiest fantasy is to have a guy stock me.
by Liz May 31, 2004
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