When some person spilled their juice and has to clean it up. It is a Russian word and is meant for little kids who can’t balance.
by Oop I pilled March 3, 2021
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When you accidentally let something you didn't want others to know slip out in a convo.
The government thought "oops I spilled my beans!" When they let the movie Santa vs the Martians be released.
by Runaway666 December 19, 2014
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the ending at the end of a sentence to any action, whether it be difficult or simple, said in a Quick Draw Mcgraw type serious tone, similar to adding "in bed" to the end of sentences
ex. I am walking to my car, and i won't spill my beer.
i will do a handstand while walking up the stairs, and i won't spill my beer see in bed
by The One They Call Froh March 30, 2010
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When one gets over excited whilst watching some scantily clad ladies, and edjaculates in ones pants all over their crumpets!
"Is that some side dabloons I see?..................*10 seconds later*.................. Gosh darn it! I just spilled tea all over my crumpets!"
by Hellsayeah June 5, 2012
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