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extinct situation in which two individuals with animosity towards each other agree to have a fight without weapons, or friends jumping in
in today's society where everyone is quick to pull a trigger a fair one is both a beautiful and rare occurance in the streets.
by James June 16, 2006

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The War on Terror is basically the same as the War on Drugs.
by James November 08, 2003

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quickly, with haste.

As created by Blackadder (Ink and Incapability)
I shall return interfrastically
by James January 26, 2004

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To take away someones virginity
I was deflowered by Sarah
by James March 10, 2003

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A communist douche bag who hated money (literally), executed prisoners of war, and only succeeded in one battle where his opponents actually surrendered. He ran a notorious political prison and murdered many innocent people. He then traveled to the Congo where he fostered more violence. Upon his return to South America, he was murdered by the Bolivian army in much the same way he murdered political prisoners.
Young college douchebag - "Che Guevara was hero!"
Someone with half a brain - "I didn't know heroes ran political prisons and executed men who already surrendered."
by James March 22, 2006

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Someone who likes watching someone have sex with their partner
by James March 10, 2003

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Country north of United States. Canada is a slang for this word.
Canadia Canada?
by JAmes September 22, 2003

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