A chronic state of lethargy where one's attitude never rises above normal. Not exciting and not boring, the low energy individual confuses others by constantly remaining idle and low key despite constantly changing life circumstances.
Hey man here comes Norman. I wonder what he did last weekend. Probably, nothing out of the ordinary because he's very "low energy".

low key, sedated, Jeb Bush
by Grafix Guy April 21, 2016
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a cuck (cuckold) who is very low energy at the same time. Even when they are being cucked they just groan and grumble and don't even enjoy it much, very sad, not nice, they look tired and sleepy even when watching the love of their life get pounded deep and hard by a sleep paralysis demon, anyways, the saddest subspecies of Homo Sapiens.
My neighbor Daniel was a low-energy-cuck; when his dog was rabidly infecting his wife with rabies in their deep, hot, amazing interspecies sex, he was too tired to even enjoy any of it.
by The High Energy Chad October 20, 2022
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Donald trumps nickname for jeb bush indicating that he is not a productive human being. Also, A low energy jeb is someone who does not meet the general standards for living and being productive in society. A low energy loser is also a common phrase to describe these kind of individuals. These individuals do as little as possible to cruise by in life on auto pilot. They tend to blame higher energy counter parts for their epic failures in life.
They low energy jeb spent another night watching YouTube in his moms house not looking for a job again!
by Zorrbabr July 21, 2022
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Any sugar-laden food or snack that gives an immediate energy buzz. Typically followed soon afterwards by dramatic low blood sugar depression.
After 23 hours of banging code, I decided to run down to Mr. Donut for some low-latency energy.
by Dig June 8, 2004
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Hey, do you know "Christmas with the Kranks?"

Oh, you mean Jaded Couple Arguing In a Low-Energy and Passive-Aggressive Manner. Yeah, I watch it every so often!

Wait, wha-
by Dedede Man December 25, 2020
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A low energy loser is made famous by the low energy Jeb nickname by Donald trump. A low energy loser however encompasses all genres of human beings. A low energy loser sucks the life force out of others by simply being a flatline useless human being. This low energy frequency emits to the higher level high energy humans and attempts to drag them down. Low energy losers may use a lot of marijuana but it isn’t a requirement. They spend their days doing various tasks such as asking others for money, taking joy rides, feeling sorry for themselves after a long hard day laying around their room watching YouTube and or getting high.
That low energy loser just hit me up for another five bucks because they ran out of gas again!

I can’t stand low energy losers who spend their time feeling sorry for themselves rather than getting a job
by Zorrbabr July 21, 2022
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