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trying to get someone to like you by flirting with them
dude i think shes hittin on me should i ask her out ?
by james May 14, 2005

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The clear fluid that comes out of the penis during foreplay. To make sex more comfortable. Sort of lubricant
She was rubbing his crotch and stroking his balls, while he was sucking her nipples, he produced pre cum
by James March 10, 2003

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Masturbation by someones foot
He painted her toenails cream
by James March 10, 2003

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A place for social gatherings, that plays the latest music and encourgaes dancing and drinking. It also encourages under-aged female jail bait to slip by the bouncer to be lusty eye candy for the 30 something males that attend.
Damn! is this a club? or an after school day-care program?
by James March 07, 2004

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A relitively new shoe on the market. Created by Pharell Williams from the Neptunes (N.E.R.D) and Nigo, the creator of the Bathing Apes clothing and shoe line. They are marketed by Reebok. Only 3000 are currently in the market, ranging from around $300-$500 dollars.
Uh! I'm a nice dude, with some nice dreams
See these ice cubes, see these Ice Creams?
by James October 23, 2004

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Michael Jackson, the singer.
Johnny wants to grow up just like the King of Pop and live at Neverland and ride on the Neverland train
by James November 23, 2004

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Teaching/teacher's Assistant
TA's teach most of the classes at some big universities....or, I have to correct papers as an English Department TA.
by James November 11, 2003

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