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An unnattractive female, who then appears to actually be a male.

Minger + Man = Mang.
The "girl" turned out to be a mang, much to Mike's delight...
by james February 03, 2004
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holy shit! did you hear what kim did/said? she is such a manipulative bitch!
by james May 28, 2003
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A Manpreet is a person who whacks off every hour as long as he has his tweezers with him. Basically someone with a small cock, and who's totally driven into the corner with a packet of Kleenex, by the testosterone he can't controll from looking at guys all day.
He's a Manpreet, I wouldn't go near his waste paper bin.
by james November 13, 2004
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Material, activities, or experiences shared between men.
When emotions overtake a man it is most likely as a result of man-shit. Preached by a select few from Central Massachusetts, the term man-shit was first used to define associations between men after it was introduced into the American lexicon by the Bad Boys film series.
"This ain't gay shit, it's man-shit."
"That was a rough day friend, we need some man-shit."
by james December 27, 2005
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a double ray(s)
Put two rays together to make one.
Four in the pink four in the stink
'fats manta d a chick last night'
'i'd manta that'
'i'd give her a manta'
'your mum was a good manta'
by james March 07, 2005
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A mispeaking of the word nagging.
Man Abby, you're so naggerly.
by james February 16, 2005
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A condition in which one desires sexual relations with one's own dead mother.
He has been strange ever since his mother died. I believe he could be necrophoedipal.
by james December 12, 2003
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