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If you suck, it generally means you have no skill and/or talent.

Oddly enoguh, even though suck is the opposite of blow, blow is an insult also.
Damn you suck at sports.
by iono December 03, 2004

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The time of the year when you pass out candy to fat children.
If they're not fat they will be next year!
by iono October 31, 2004

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Cause of all chaos in the world. I blame religion for causing all the wars. See bullshit
I listened to "God" and I ended up donating $10,000 to a bullshit cause.
by iono December 03, 2004

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3 words:
Turkey and pie.
I'm an american and I like getting fat by eating turkey and pie.
by iono November 25, 2004

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goog night.. as g`nite

9=g 9 which is nine therefore night.


good night!!
by iono March 30, 2005

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cross between shit and yiza;used when near lil' kids
o shiza i fergotz me keyz
by iono November 09, 2003

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The best flamer on Neowin.net who will not hesitate to cuss other idiots such as IK 47.
God you just got pwnt by Homer.
by iono February 10, 2005

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