To get impotently and needlessly angry with someone or something, as typified by a fat spotty nerd losing his temper with someone online.
Little Timmy was getting fat with me because I said Star Trek was a tedious waste of time.
by Galactic Search April 12, 2008
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Slang term for 'getting rich' or 'making one's fortune'.

Originated from the highly popular animal crossing game. To 'get fat' means to pay off the mortgage and buy out Tom Nook's entire store.

Also connected to notions of the fat, overfed bourgeoise. As in Oliver! with their 'Three banquets a day!'. To be able to get fat is to be able to afford to overeat. To 'eat good'.
The Queen: 'Let's play animal crossing. I want to pay off the mortgage and buy all the extensions.'
Meghan Markle: 'Yeah. Let's get fat!'
by cujotutu March 18, 2021
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The predicament whereby the motivation to fetch that delicious chocolate snack is outweighed by your desire to remain where you are (likely to be on the computer or on the couch in front of the TV)
Mark: "Look at all the chocolate in this fridge, I can't believe you're not a fatass David"

David: "I couldn't be bothered going back into the kitchen after fixing my 2 minute noodles for dinner, I guess I'm just too lazy to get fat"
by DeKrow May 16, 2007
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French women don't get fat is a false claim. Many people assume this to be true do different reasons even though French females have the same amount of obesity as the EU average.
The german girl said french women don't get fat, the german girl was wrong.
by @mrkulci April 2, 2021
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known by various other names, including 'beefcake' (thanks to cartman from south park), get fat big now quick is the easiest way to turn your geeky body into a clone of jean claude van damme.
if you become a rippling hunk of muscle thanks to get fat big now quick, girls will want to have sex with you.
Girl: have you been working out?
Boy: no, i'm on get fat big now quick
Girl: oh, now i want to have sex with you
by Chairwoman Mao Mao February 4, 2004
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To have sex with a fat chick. Typically something a feeder says about his gainer.
Ahh man. I was up late getting some fat. But she smelled something fierce.
by CptCrunk August 22, 2011
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