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The noticible protrusion of one's lower jaw/lip when one has a large dip of chewing tobacco in.
Tom: I think Ray put in a dip of chew before class.
Rick: He'd better hope the teacher doesn't notice his chaw jaw.
by ihatebuffering March 7, 2011
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The act of a man pulling his balls out of the opening in the front of his boxers. This trick is closely related to The Turkey and the frog brain.
While usually done in front of friends as a joke, Larry sometimes performs The Oyster by himself for amusement.
by ihatebuffering January 20, 2011
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A game played primarily by bored teenagers at each other's houses. The contestants sit on the floor indian-style facing each other at a very close distance. They then play a game of rochambeaux (alternately spelled rochambeau), otherwise known as rock-paper-scissors. The winner of the game slaps the other contestant across the face. They then play rochambeaux again. The winner again slaps the loser. They continue in this cycle until one contestant gives up.
Tom: Why is your face all red?
Rick: Ah, i lost a game of rochambeaux for slaps a few hours ago.
by ihatebuffering March 7, 2011
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A soft, quiet noise uttered by a person (usually by a girl) to display tiredness, sadness, disappointment, or anxiety. The best way to describe it is "mehh." It can also by used in question form to show subtle or mild interest. (mehh?)
Shelby: "It's getting late, i think we have to go home now."
Marissa: "Mehh." (salamander noise)
by ihatebuffering March 7, 2011
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The act of texting somebody nonsensical, ambiguous things while drunk. Basically like drunk dial-ing somebody through text.
Omg, the room is spinongo, i dont even remember vexing you
by ihatebuffering January 20, 2011
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A short, stocky, middle-aged white man, who is balding, and has graying hair and a moustache. If you tour the rural midwest, you will find tons of them. Their primary habits are hunting, drinking beer, driving pickup trucks, napping, and telling old football stories.
My dad is a badger, so i'm thinking of getting him a moustache trimmer and a case of bud light for his fiftieth birthday.
by ihatebuffering March 6, 2011
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The act of, while wearing boxers, pulling up your flaccid penis so that only the head is sticking out, being held against your abdomen by the waistband of your boxers.
I did The Mongoose in the locker room today before football practice. My friends all shared in horrified laughter
by ihatebuffering January 20, 2011
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