A person of the One Direction fandom who ship Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.
"Birds don't have eyebrows, and Louis got the dagger!"
"Stop being such a Larrie."
by lthsnhlp October 23, 2015
being a larrie isn't about sex and smut and porn and all that shit. it's about seeing past louis and harry's friendship and finding something more. it's about reveling in the find looks or the little touches. it's about acceptance, equality and love. it's about scrolling all the way down to 2011 on twitter to find louis and harry's adorable boyfriend tweets. it's about rewatching interview after interview because whenever louis and harry sit next to each other, they get off in their own little world, and it's absolutely fascinating to watch. being a larrie is about more than just blowjobs backstage to relieve pressure that louis was feeling before the take me home tour. it's about love, louis and harry's love.
Larrie 1: Larry is my religion. I worship them.
Larrie 2: bitch same
by i’mthatbitch July 14, 2019
2 boys who fell in love

harry fell first, but louis fell harder
have you seen larry? they where definitely in love mate. but management didn’t allow it
by louiscoochietaste October 27, 2020
When you need to tell someone how serious you are and saying on god doesn’t work hit them with the “on Larry cuh” then they’ll be able to see how serious this situation is.
Greg: “Yo my cousin got me pregnate

Dequavis: “Bullshit”
Greg: “Na on Larry son”

Dequavis: “😱”
by Black Bruce lee January 2, 2019
person who believes Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles from One Direction are in a serious, committed and long term relationship.
"larries are crazy, they're straight, stop forcing sexuality on them!"
"I have no chill, I'm a larrie"
by alexathethird July 8, 2015