33 definitions by iamanthonydean

A decision made with your own best interest in mind. A decision made for you, by you.
“It was either this or that. I chose that because I was better off with that. I had to make a me-cision.”
by iamanthonydean April 2, 2019
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When you say goodnight to end a conversation and you don’t get a goodnight response back. A disrespectful act.
Denny: Yo bro I can’t believe her she didn’t say goodnight back to me she just left it.

Sam: Oh no you got left on goodnight. Getting left on read it hurtful, but getting left on goodnight is just fine plain old disrespectful.
by iamanthonydean January 7, 2020
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When life isn’t just good or bad but just kinda being life. Sometimes it’s the only word to describe life or your day.
Ben: Hey Malcom, hows life going man?
Malcom: Its been pretty lifey lately if I’m being honest.
Ben: Oh damn I get it man. It’s like that sometimes.
by iamanthonydean February 7, 2019
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Using an electronic device to search the web or connect with others.
I didn’t notice the sound of my Uber eats driver outside because I was busy screen surfing.”
by iamanthonydean July 18, 2020
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Having the generic characteristics of most people. Featuring but not limited to selfishness, judgmental or being plain with old dumb as hell.
I’m a loner because people can be very people-ish.
by iamanthonydean October 10, 2020
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When someone is a certain type of person.
Person A: I don’t like my food touching.
Person B: Why not?
Person A: I don’t know I just don’t...
Person B: Ohhh you one of those. Weirdo.
by iamanthonydean June 27, 2019
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Someone did something slick, wild or janky. Someone got over on you. Someone did something tricky to you.
Person 1: Yo why aren’t you and whats his name cool anymore?
Person 2: He tried to hit me wit da oo-wap.
Person 1: Oh wow that’s corny.
by iamanthonydean May 3, 2019
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