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Billy's got them BDP's she went to give him head and ran away it was to big
by Reckless424 June 09, 2016
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"Big Dick Player"

The term for a male who thinks they are superior when it comes to the attracting of woman.

By the ways of Referring to themselves or fellow counterparts as the likeliness or similarities of a "PLAYER / PIMP" With a Big Penis
"We going to get some tonight boys"....."BDP for life"

"Get into them panties mate.....BDP"

"We having a BDP night tonight"
by aaron_400d June 17, 2009
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bare dick penetration, as in no condom, hetero barebacking. noun, verb.
I'm so tired, I bdp'd all weekend.
Look at her, boys & girls- she's a BDP!
by caca ferguson May 04, 2006
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"Big Dick Pelican". A title given to the winner of a Zombie match on Call of Duty. Rules for Title. Only the man that can last the most rounds and also has the most kills can earn the title of "big dick pelican". If playing with another player and by some miraculous chance the players both have an equal number of kills. The big dick pelican or (BDP) will only be given to the player that has been revived the least. 
Bill lasted to round 16 and had 379 kills! He is the new BDP.
by Gordon Fee June 02, 2013
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Big Dick Play, used when one does something balls-to-the-wall and bad ass while giving absolutely zero fucks. A strategy to strive for.
John: "Did you see that Billy slid into Jessica's DMs the day after she broke up?"
Dave: "Yeah, total BDP. Heard it worked out well for him."
by nonchalantpnda October 09, 2018
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Acronym for Big Dick Porn, among other things

ie Big Dick Penetration, Bare Dick Penetration, etc..
-Yo dawg, I totally caught James whackin it to the BDP!

-Haha that james loves his big dick movies!
by samsterbot November 28, 2010
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