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Gonna. Going to.
Playas gon play.
by xplicit-kid February 10, 2003
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A cyber bully. Derived from "Gangster" and "online" combined. Pronounced like "Jeon".
What happened to Gene's wall?
He got struck by a G-on

Who do you think is the biggest G-on?
Probably Jonathan, or Seokmin
by Rawrmyun October 31, 2010
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G on is a term used by Australians when "getting on" reffering to buying weed
Friend one: It's 4:20 cunt I hope you were able to G on.

Friend two: Yeah cunt I got us a pretty dank fiffo, don't smoke it all you dero.
by AussieCuntLord September 20, 2018
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Word for all universally excepted means of financial exchange, e.g. cash, commodity, drugs, sexual favours, other recognised financial instrument.
Gary: Hey mate, wanna go to the show?

Barry: Nah mate, can’t, got no gon.
by Micktee November 08, 2018
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