Malcom is a very smart and talented young boy he won 30 talent shows and had great stage sets
by Briplaysimvu November 1, 2019
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a guy with rare flavor in music
I listened to malcom music playlist yesterday and was amazed by it all
by NotHuman February 22, 2020
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A Guy Who Is Extremely Sweet & Everyone Loves Him
This Guy Name Malcom Is Such A Sweetheart
by HeGotSauce November 10, 2019
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A tough ass nigga who beats the fuck out of everyone who talks shit in school
“I told Malcom I fucked his mom last night... I ended up loosing my tooth
by NinjasCamper April 23, 2019
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Not the tallest but Malcom is very athletic and very chill at times, makes many jokes that aren’t exactly the funniest until Malcom says it, he tends to lie on the outside about his facique but once you know him you realize he is actually pretty strong how he takes his flaws and make them into a positive thought.
Malcom isn’t that cool but is a good friend!
by MalcomWest August 4, 2018
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A guru with supernatural listening skills with music
Hey that guy malcom has 7,000 songs on his playlist he gets free access for life & some lamborghini keys
by theliukang August 29, 2021
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A Malcom is usually tall . Has big feet . Quiet in class . Hangs out with his boys.
His hair is in an Afro . Has a deep raspy voice.And is usually caught wearing a pair of Jordan's and laughing .
Mark : who's that kid over there laughing

Jordan: Oh that's. Malcom he thinks he's funny (he's really not).
by TheYasminyouknow September 24, 2017
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