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sport that sounds sexual when talking about it. usually swimmers are best at sex (duh!)
about diving: throw yourself into it!

about backstroke starts: go under, give it four or five good hard thrusts, and then extend out ouf the water as hard as you can!
by genna January 25, 2005
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a rish prep town that has lots of pot, too many fat cops, and not enough snow days. where all the kids from other towns go and hang out (townies)
kid from glen rock: im going to ridgewood, to smoke
kid from paramus: oh say hi to townie from fair lawn for me
by genna January 24, 2005
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amazing place where unitarians (mostly) go and spend a week or so attending cool ass conferences, such as yruu. you meet tons of kick ass people. off the cost of portsmouth, NH.
star island is my home
by genna January 24, 2005
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The exact opposite of "ball searing hot" and "hot as balls."
So cold a man's testicles shrivel up.
Dallas in the dead of winter can actually get ball shrinking cold- especially when it snows.
by Genna May 04, 2004
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1) One of those sneaky, tacky, trampy chicks in a bar that get guys to buy them drinks and then ignore the guy for the rest of the night.
2) A chick who uses guys for material gain
1) That poor guy over there get rolled by a nasty bitch monkey in fake Prada- he bought her whole group a round and then they left!
2) My friend's sister is dating a super rich old guy who buys her stuff all the time- she's such a bitch weasel.
by Genna May 04, 2004
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A weather condition known especially in the US South when the temperature is over 100 degrees, or the heat index is over 100 degrees, or the humidity plus the temperature make it feel like it is over 100 degrees and you are in the jungle. This condition also causes "monkey-butt."
I went to Jazz Fest in New Orleans the first weekend in May and it was ball searing hot! I nearly passed out from the heat! Luckily there was plenty of cold beer.
by Genna May 04, 2004
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another why to say bravo.
at the end of a play everyone shouts: prayvo! prayvo!
by genna July 06, 2003
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