Police Officers, looking to bust a motha fucka, guilty or innocent. Also, unwanted attention from tha police.
Jim Bob: i'm fixin' to score me some Hillbilly Heroin

Jed: Don't do that! Or The Heat will bust you.
by High Hiter October 30, 2018
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alternative way of deeming something "hot"
Have you heard the new Ghostface record? Shit's the heat.
by dlc March 01, 2005
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Primarily used in the southern states (Alabama, Mississippi), "the heat" refers to a heat irritation which results from the thighs sweating and rubbing together while working or walking outdoors for extended periods of time. Conditions are made worse by humidity (on the Gulf Coast humidity is almost constantly at 85%+) and continued irritation, as experienced by construction workers.

General symptoms include:
-Sensitivity of the area
-Discomfort while walking
"Ricky and the boys at work all got the heat so I sent a bottle of body powder with him to work today."
by Levi W. December 02, 2007
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The pleasant warmth one feels emanating from a vagina.
Shad was positive he could feel The Heat while grinding with some random on the dance floor.

A complete stranger offered to hoist Minnie up on his shoulders at Coachella so she could see. She thankfully accepted, despite knowing her skirt would do nothing to protect his neck from The Heat.
by JettSkyler June 19, 2012
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not only used to mean firearms or law officials, "The Heat" is sometimes defined as being hot or awesome. tmj
You're going to see Bright Eyes on Saturday? Conor Oberst is the heat!
by michelle March 29, 2005
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A R&B, urban pop, and melodic hip-hop station that is played on XM-Sirius. It used to be identical to The City and The City was way better because we have some mixtapes and real hip-hop, not this half fast Nelly type pop type crap that is not even hip-hop, but it is more pop. Now it plays a lot of good stuff that is liked by teenage girls and young adult girls that think Lil Wayne is the best guy who hit the planet. Not as hardcore as the other rap stations and it is more appropriate for the work world.
The Heat is gay - bring back the City. Fuck the Heat.
by Kyle 230 December 25, 2009
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