About 97 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike, say, "hot as hell" or "scorching hot," this expression is actually fairly precise, since the temperature of one's balls is carefully regulated by the scrotum to maintain a high sperm count.
Alice: Man, it is hot as balls out there today.
Bob: Actually, it's about 99 degrees, so it might be "hot as lungs," but balls are slightly cooler.
Alice: ...ooookay, whatever.
by lukebn June 22, 2010
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Phrase used to describe when the temperature is hot. Usually it is hot enough that your balls will sag and potentially stick to your leg.
Turn on the AC, it's hot as balls in here
by ByRd November 6, 2007
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Term describing abnormally hot weather, but which can be attributed to exactly 95 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the approximate natural temperature of male testicles.
Actually, it's only 93 degrees outside, so it's just almost as hot as balls.
by Elton John is a Sex God September 18, 2010
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A phrase often used in Newfoundland to describe beautiful woman.
That bitch is hot as balls.
by hitch12 September 8, 2006
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The first track on the second Filthy Frank album, "Pink Season."
Hey man, wanna listen to Hot Nickel Ball on a Pussy?
by KrayZWT February 23, 2017
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An acute condition that caused UFC heavyweight Derrick Lewis to remove his shorts almost immediately after winning his fight at UFC 229
From the Post-fight Interview:

Joe Rogan: “I’m here with the winner, Derrick Lewis. Derrick, why’d you take your pants off?"

Derrick Lewis: “My balls was hot.”
(i.e., hot balls)

Joe Rogan: “I understand.”
by PerfectRomanGod November 2, 2018
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